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Juliana Hellriegel

Juliana Hellriegel

Client Services Coordinator

Juliana Hellriegel was born and raised in Brazil, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Analysis. After working as a programmer and Systems Analyst for almost 10 years, she left a stable job to come to the United States as a student, pursuing an MBA and a career as an IT consultant.

Her plans changed significantly when she met her husband during the first week of school. A year later, she had completed a Certificate in Business from the University of California, Santa Barbara, was married, had purchased a home, and was living in Minnesota. Her greatest adventure had begun!

In addition to Santa Barbara, CA, and Saint Paul, MN, she has also lived in San Diego, CA, and Orlando, FL. She joined Liberty Wealth Management in the spring of 2017, soon after moving to the Carbondale area. With her extensive experience in customer service and training, her position at Liberty Wealth draws on her best qualities. She truly enjoys helping people.

Her biggest ongoing project is raising her two boys, Andrew and Nicholas, with her husband Bill.