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Our Purpose

In 2012, Joel W. Sambursky founded Liberty Wealth Management during his fifth year as a LPL Financial Advisor. Before I started Liberty Wealth, I took a few steps back and really thought about the type of financial services practice that I wanted to lead.” Joel Sambursky said. “Before putting a shovel in the ground, I felt I needed to answer a few big questions. First, what was going to be our mission? Second, what was going to be our Focus? And finally, do they align with our Passion? This is how PTP was born. Plan. Track. Pursue. This is at the core of WHAT we do, and WHY we do it. Before pursuing achievement comes planning. After we develop a plan, we track progress ensuring we are doing what we can to help our clients confidently arrive at their desired destination. P.T.P. has become the lifeblood of both our process and passion."

Our Mission

To serve our clients with hard work, integrity, and the respect they deserve; while striving to help each and every one of them pursue financial independence.

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